Monday, October 11, 2010

Ma: opportunities have begun to take shape

"Today at noon I was eating out, restaurant owners ask me, do you expect the crisis will end next year? I said, next year in the second half on it. He said that the second half of next year, you can? I said, the second half of next year, you will adapt . "

December 7, Kumi in public appearances Alibaba Chairman Jack Ma, the "China Entrepreneur Summit 2008" Voice of humor. Last year, he had in that year will be the first warning - "Winter is coming."

This time, Ma once again predicted that the crisis will blow every two to three years, but with the crisis, the opportunity and coming, good business can still develop in the face of adversity.

Ma in Beijing ducks Tuanjiehu been frozen for example, called for changes in winter. He said the ducks and wild ducks have been together, the winter came, wild duck fly in, the changes in Beijing ducks do not know, the pond will freeze.

"If you think this is a disaster, disaster is already here; If you think this is an opportunity, then the opportunity is about to create. Last year, I tell everyone, disaster could come, and now I tell you that the formation of opportunity has started, we started ready now! "

"Good entrepreneurs must learn to adapt to the environment than others, in advance, who should have the opportunity to meet the Who. To do business at least 5 years and 10 years of consideration, 2 years -3 years of catastrophe is not what a disaster."

"Crisis is opportunity risk. The so-called crisis of the human society entered the throes of globalization, the business community, human society to enter the business community towards globalization, we must face this challenge." Ma said, is today can not be called disaster or crisis, but the beginning of reconstruction system.

"In times of prosperity of the times, will be the birth of a great enterprise, against the tide of the times there are great companies, like Sony of Japan, is born in a downturn." He said, "The world is not lack of money, the business community is the lack of entrepreneurs the spirit of the entrepreneur's dream, entrepreneurial values, the lack of values, is the dream of missing. "

He urged entrepreneurs should adhere to the ideal, the common response to the crisis.

"Crisis of 2002, the Internet, that my slogan is to become the last of a fallen people. Even knees, I have finally fallen. I was convinced that the difficulties I have been more difficult than I am, I'm sad opponents than I More sad, who Aode Zhu is the winner. to give up is the biggest failure, never give up their faith, never give up when the first dream. "

"Everyone dreams of doing 10 years later, after 3 years of planning to do. The 21st century, the first step pains to tell us that only a more open and can go longer. Even the 'Pigs a strong' can live, why did you not? "Ma said.

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