Thursday, October 14, 2010

Recorded with the popular film of your wonderful life

Popular Internet film (hereinafter referred to as popular) is a very good video-on-demand software, but I found that many users just as a video-on-demand / download software to use. In fact, still a popular film and television information community, the general film lovers can discuss movies, share video information, or record your own video of life. Popular film and television can be said that every one of the spiritual home fans.

One popular account registration

To a very good experience popular video community, the premise that come register an account, registration process is simple: start the popular, the click switch to "my popularity," and then click the "Register" to get started. Comparison of simplified registration information is entered, as long as the e-mail address, user name, password buttoned (Figure).

Second, throw out your opinion of your critics

With the popular account, you can begin our journey of life film. The first step is the most common is to state your point of view, throw your critics. Popular film and television works in each play is completed (pause will also show), the both will be displayed "I want to score" button, click on the browser after the call to open the video in comments published in page (figure). Now you can express their comments and critics of the film.

Tips: Here you can see the comments of other users and critics of the films and film stills, like the movie people also like information on what other information.

Evaluation: Evaluation of simple, including a simple comment and evaluation in two parts. Directly in the "evaluation" input box to write your Feedback on the movie, and then click on the "evaluation" to complete reviews published. Rating: Mouse Move "read" button that will display rating scale: very poor, poor, common, good, good, give them the right choice do you think you can.

Movie Review: In fact, popular film critic community, the equivalent of a log. If you watch the completed film critics would like to make it, just click "Write a short review" button to enter specific information input page (Figure).

Third, share bliss with everyone brilliant video tour

Movie Reviews page at the first screen, there is an unobtrusive text link, or "recommend to a friend." With this feature we can enjoy the film quickly recommend to other friends. After clicking, you can see the page shown to support the recommendation of three ways: friends, mail, forum or Blog. We can choose according to need, in different ways with different ways.

Fourth, personal video space

After registration as long as the popular account, in addition to the above-mentioned film to score, published film critic and other operations, you can also view other user's personal space, add friends, publish a daily mood log, sharing web sites, etc. services. But also extremely simple operation, simply click the button on the left side of correlation functions can be achieved.

5, richer popular video ranking

Popular client list is provided in popular film and television, but the popular film and television community to provide more extensive information. In addition to its ranking in various categories of content, also provides the fastest rise, watching the most, scoring the highest three categories of users more interactive with the list, users can fully reflect the reality of the current demand.

In the "My Space" page, click the "list", you can enter more detailed list page, click on the top right side of the "fastest rising", "Most Viewed" "highest score" (Figure) to see These three categories of content.

Popularity of the Internet community and the client had closely with the full advantages of network platforms for video fans record, manage and share their life with a quick TV channel, very practical, you may wish to try it over and over again !

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