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Photoshop CS play magic, making the mysterious eye of the

1. Create a new file, 500X700 pixel image resolution of 72, mode is RGB mode.

2. New Layer 1, with the elliptical Marquee tool, hold down the SHIFT pulled out in a positive image in the circle of constituencies, the foreground color set to black, background color set to white, and the implementation of the menu - filter - Rendering - clouds, and press CTRL + F several times more than the implementation, so that slightly more uniform distribution of clouds (Figure 1).

Figure 1

3. Do not cancel constituency, the implementation of the menu - filter - render - lighting effects, for example (Figure 2) as set. Completed, such as (Figure 3).

Figure 2

Figure 3

4. Implementation of the menu - filter - render - fiber, the difference is set to 20, the intensity is set to 4, after the completion of the implementation of the menu - filter - distort - extrusion, press CTRL + F to determine repeat time, set the number of If 100% completion (Figure 4)

Figure 4

5. To copy a layer 1 to layer 1 copy, press CTRL + T to rotate images 180 degrees, and a copy of the mixed layer is set to light up (Figure 5).

Figure 5

6. Will be a copy of Layer 1 and Layer 1 into Layer 1 copy, complete and then will copy a copy of Layer 1 to Layer 1 copy 2, the same will be replicated in Layer 1 copy 2 rotated 180 degrees, and the layers blend mode to soft light, so eye relatively uniform fiber distribution, and when completed, will copy 2 Layer 1 Layer 1 copy of the merger with a Layer 1 copy 2, and press CTRL + I will Image color inversion (Fig. 6).

Figure 6

7. Complete press CTRL + B, in the input box and then click Input Levels value, 100,0, -100, thus changing the color of eyes, in the Layer 1 copy 2 above to create a new layer 1, select the elliptical selection box tool in the center of the eye ~ a perfect circle hold down the SHIFT constituency pull out ~ and fill in black, complete double-layer 1, layer style options, check the projection, the opacity set to 100% distance is set to 0, extension 12, size 10 pixels (Figure 7).

Figure 7

8. Double-click Layer 1 copy 2, the inner layer style options Gouxuan shadow with an inner glow, inner shadow opacity will be set to 100%, the angle set to 95 degrees, distance set to 60, blocking the 0, the size of 25 pixels, the other remains unchanged, then in light of the mixed mode is changed to normal, luminous color changed to black, block set to 13, size 18 pixels, the other unchanged (Figure 8).

Figure 8

9. In a new layer above Layer 1, 2, hold down the mouse to click on Layer 1 copy 2 constituency float, and the implementation of the menu - select - modify - squeeze 10 pixels, choose the simple tools and simple easy to reset the style, select solid color to transparent color of the style and color of the simple article ends are set to white, upper-right corner from the direction of the external constituencies to the center of the circle center drag, (Figure 9). completed before the election using the elliptical box tool, for example (Figure 10), variant-like, complete press CTRL + SHIFT + I to reverse the constituency, and delete the selected section, and select the eraser tool, set the opacity to 5%, brush size appropriate adjustments , will be part of layer 2 spot in the upper left part of the eyeball slightly rubbed some light, (Figure 11). and then the implementation of the menu - fuzzy in the Gaussian blur filter, the value is set to 1.

Figure 9

Figure 10

Figure 11


10. Then a new layer above the layer 2, 3, choose the Elliptical Marquee tool, drawing an ellipse constituency, filled white (Figure 12) after the implementation of de-select Menu - Filter - Fuzzy - Gaussian blur, fuzzy set radius 2 pixels, after press CTRL + T, turn it to play out to meet the eye of the convex, and can adjust the size (Figure 13) when completed, will copy a layer 3 a layer 3 Fuben in Back to the layer 3, just press CTRL + F to repeat the Gaussian blur, after press CTRL + T, hold down CTRL and then drag around from node to adjust the shape position (Figure 14).

Figure 12

Figure 13

Figure 14

11. Back to Layer 1 copy 2, hold down the CTRL click on this layer, constituency float, the implementation of the menu - select - modify - contract, contraction of the constituencies and 10 pixels, then the implementation of the menu - Select - emergence, the emergence of 10 pixels constituency, after the completion of this electoral reverse, press CTRL + M to transfer the selected area color depth (Figure 15). eye substantially completed a ~ we can copy the above layer 3, a new map Layer 4, using a similar approach to the 10 steps above adding a little eye-level high-bright spots, and note appropriate to reduce its transparency, or no primary and secondary difference. (Fig. 16).

Figure 15

Figure 16

12. Well ~ the main part of the eye substantially completed, and the following will do the mechanical parts. In the Layer 1 copy 2 of the following new layer 5. Select the Ellipse Marquee Tool, hold down the SHIFT pull an eye-centered Shoen constituency and filled with gray (Figure 17).

Figure 17


13. Completed Double click this layer, the layer style palette select the bevel effect is embossed gloss, the slope parameters for such relief (Fig. 18) as set. Then gloss set to 19 degree angle, distance of 11, size 14, the other unchanged. to complete before adding 10% above the variegated (Figure 19).

Figure 18

Figure 19

14. To copy a layer to layer 5, a copy of the implementation of the menu - filter - sketch, note paper, the image balance is set to 30, size set to 10, highlights set to 10, after the completion of the implementation of the menu - filter Mirror - pixel technology - crystalline, cell size is set to 10. and this layer change the blend mode Color Dodge, then again for the color adjustment layer ~ 5 colors can be adjusted to your favorite color adjustment method can be used CTRL + B to achieve. lightness can be a little on the layer copy of the lower end after the completion of eye care have the feeling of Parti metal (Figure 20).

Figure 20

15. The layers with the layer copy of the merger, and a copy of this layer placed on top of the Layers Panel, press CTRL + T will reduce its right to determine the hold down CTRL after clicking constituency Floating Layer 1 copy 2 Select the image will be removed from the inside, complete double-click this layer, the layer style panel, check the projector with the shadows within, the projection distance is set to 0, the other the same, then the block is set within the shadow 10%, the size is set to 5 pixels, the other the same, when completed, will make the appropriate adjustments to their color (Figure 21).

Figure 21

16. Well, generally that way ~ ~ other metal parts of the imagination can play themselves l to of it (Figure 22)

Figure 22

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