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Regional Manager how to handle high-level interaction with the company

Regional Manager, as a special class, they are both positions of power "will be from outside the monarch that" the Fengjiangtaili; is precarious, "Jun told Chen Si, Chen had to die," the foreign minister. Handle the company's senior managers and the positive interaction between regions is a vital relationship work.

First, emotional and rational
Each firm will be in varying degrees to the existence of formal organizations and informal organizational relationship ties. Relationship between the formal organization is mainly reflected in: the institutionalization, standardization and rational normal communication between the upper and lower areas; and informal organizational relationships are more shows: charisma, family, friendship, non-normal channels of communication, generally two different emotional and rational management and the embodiment of the concept of the unconscious.

The author has done a large domestic enterprises in the regional manager, ostensibly the company's advanced management, business development rapidly, but in fact senior corporate management in the concept of depth and emotional content is far greater than the rational. For example, most of the regional manager has the ability, knowledge of airborne, and placed next to the individual at the regional manager of the old clerk was able to Babel's "supervisory army." When I took over as manager of a continuous exchange of the four regions to do well, I already feel a positive addition to the market problems, there must be "outside factors", this is the man "Jianjun" special status problem. Reason told me that "stabbing outside Home Safe," but access to the specific work of a "market first" concept let me forget who Difficult People. Busy conquering a city, fought bravely through the efforts of a stage, just triumph when, who "jianjun" launch an attack has begun. Business senior manager told me that "as long as the market well, I will not listen to gossip." However, just be marketing success, still needs time to consolidate the company's support for less, less confidence in the leadership; the contrary more picky, much ado about nothing much. When I verified the man "jianjun" fish in troubled waters over the years, Sungongfeisi the evidence, the company informed of was: "due to poor management and regional manager, salesman violations occur, the penalty decision as follows: Regional Manager, a fine of 5,000 yuan, a fine person 3,000 yuan. "angry that I leave, a number of key also follow me, we sweat in vain, and companies are losing a market of nearly 100 million yuan.

I hindsight: The question is not whether a company can use "Jianjun", but rather out of my encounter with this "jianjun" personal. "Jianjun" exists for a positive, because they though capacity is limited, but familiar with the company about the situation, the core leadership of the company and has a high degree of loyalty, and leadership is understanding the relationship, is because of them, business was dare to employ a large number of capable people, it helps control the overall situation, but also strengthened the clerk team cohesion. But if executives can use perceptual (informal organizational relationships), while more rational number (a little more idea of the relationship between formal organizations); and as a regional manager I was able to operate in a rational market, and then note that the internal handling relations with the feelings of executives to communicate more, then the result will be a win-win!

2, criticism and encouragement
"Carrot-and-holding" - which is the regional manager of senior general management approach combining soft and hard.

General praise, encouragement, care, support the approach advocated by comparison. Because when you are encouraged, you will be confidence that you will be lofty, you'll work harder; when you get care and support, you will have gratitude in return you will have the idea of helping his career, you will play their maximum potential in a happy mood to do more work and not feel hard. Therefore, promotion of modern management greater use of incentives. We should also promote "happy sales."

However, because the senior's personal work style and habits, as well as the different characteristics of the regional manager, may not be able to always use the excitation method, not necessarily incentive can solve the problem. Practical work we are often faced criticism than encouraging, and the results are often better than to encourage criticism. Because of criticism, warning, punishment, demotion would cause you stress, and you will create a sense of crisis, "no pressure it's not moving," you can overload under high pressure to work. Of course, this one is very demanding.

I've worked for that company, senior regional manager of criticism and punishment may seem rigorous, objective, fair, but the impression is always dark and cold. And now the business leaders, regional managers are free to criticize often, although sometimes unbalanced, but you feel it is good, warm, and because he criticized you in the sense of humor, criticism, or support the return to support critical. You feel the problem, need to. Sometimes, when he criticized the people, not by name, saying very heavy, but very humorous. The company also notified from time to time by selling the completion of sales targets for the ranking, do not criticize and praise, let you feel the pressure from time to time, there is competition everywhere, to criticize and encourage indirectly reflected, so that you feel "in the silent office listen to Thunder, "the warning effect.

"Escape the pain, the pursuit of happiness" is the driving force of human two, in fact, criticism and encouragement are the driving force in these two kinds of extension work. Then senior management of the regional manager in the end is the use of criticism then? Or use to encourage good? This should vary, because the incident vary, the key to a degree at a good grasp of the problem, but also methodical.

Third, feeling and standards
Executives are most concerned about is the regional manager of the company's sales are to complete mission objectives, generally based on sales targets to the completion of the success or failure. In addition, based on trust, friendship, communication, understanding body cool and so the objective difficulties in the regional manager, this is the seat of your pants to measure whether the district manager can continue to reuse.

The sales target for the regional manager is his most sensitive nerve, whether Chayu after dinner, before bed dream, speak, think, or sales targets. Sales target is to complete a company is of course important, but it will give the company the only sales of short-term market consequences.

Enterprises set sales targets are reasonable, the company executives to the sales target assessment, implementation, control, fair, accurate, and will directly affect front-line sales district manager of the initiative; the other hand the regional managers of the initiative and performance, and how would the efficiency of enterprises directly without significant impact. Therefore, sales of corporate executives must grasp the interactive features of assessment indicators, the use of rational scientific methods for performance evaluation.

First, the goal of making sales is correct and reasonable? Is based on population, per capita consumption, per capita income? Or last year's sales with an average growth rate? Example, to set goals according to sales per capita consumption, then the census numbers accurate? The regional population is a lot out? Whether there is a large number of floating population?

Second, the goal is sales by a simple examination, or to develop a comprehensive evaluation standards?

Third, performance appraisal is based on pre-standard, or by later standards?

In fact, each method has its limitations and imperfections of the side, enterprises should develop according to their specific circumstances as scientific, accurate, fair and reasonable standard of performance assessment.

Since the standards are not scientific and can not do a very reasonable and would require a regional manager, corporate leaders have emotional understanding, so as to provide regional managers try to balance some of the psychological sense. The development of indicators on sales should jump up to get; although not able to achieve high standards in advance, and do not beat him to death; stimulate their growth in the market to get the joy of success; by the release of the pressure group activities, etc. enhance the fighting and so on. In short, through these measures to adjust the feel and the standard is reasonable.

Fourth, assessment of the reasonableness
Based on years of experience, the author summed up an effective "3:7" performance appraisal method. "3:7" performance evaluation method: only 30% of integrated assessment, sales assessment, 70%. Comprehensive assessment include: the company specifications, operational methods, market share, sales growth, etc., according to pre-primary examination and assessment of objective criteria, 70%, 30% lead after the assessment of things. Sales assessment, standard assessment by 70% in advance, according to 30% after adjustment assessment. After adjustments, including: sales for special events, the objective difficulties, water sales, product or policy implications.

Sales target bonus is based on the general results of the assessment is based on the number or level down to reflect the best incentive and performance appraisal is to combine the results. Although the adoption of a comprehensive evaluation of 30%, 30% passed the two ex post evaluation adjustments, sales of both incentives, while avoiding unreasonable causal factors, as reflected more work. However, there will be some toiled, talented people, although paying a lot, but the market is the development of, a recession or set unreasonable sales targets, so that pay and rewards are not proportional, so unjust to affect the regional manager at work. If the performance bonus in addition to installing some, such as: Growth Award, pioneering award, network construction awards, individual awards market order awards will allow more people to see hope, be encouraged.

Sales target plan and performance appraisal criteria should be dynamic, not static. A good performance appraisal ideas and programs should be planned sales targets, sales in the whole management of an organic component. Performance evaluation is from beginning to end sales of the whole management of the energy supply in the agent. Performance appraisal should be systematic, rather than isolated. From program development to implementation of the execution, feedback, supervisory control, processing adjustments, it is involvement in the management of the entire sales process. Scientific performance appraisal process should be the emphasis on control of the process can produce only good a good result, because the result is often not easy to change, but the process is correct, proper, when you can not only improve. The author's experience is "program evaluation gains and losses, or two failures." According to "3:7" assessment principles, in 30% of the comprehensive evaluation, should be established to report on the implementation stage, leading in time to facilitate monitoring and guidance.

In short, a good grasp of the interactive features of high-level and region in order to stimulate the regional manager for the greatest degree of enthusiasm, can the executives and regional managers to be managers of the management and the confrontation between the conversion to become a reality for all sales goals jointly to an organic whole.

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